Fall Tent Rentals (Sept 11-Nov 6)

Fall Tent Rentals (Sept 11-Nov 6)

Regular price $50.00

Our Tent Sites are a great spot for birthday party or other group gathering at the farm! The tents are 20'x20' and are white. There are no plugs available or lighting in the tents.

What's Included?
Each tent comes with 2 picnic tables and 1 six-foot folding banquet table. Feel free to bring in extra seating or tables. Keep in mind the tents may be a little walk from the parking lot, so a wagon is a good idea! 

When are they Offered?
Fridays 4p-7p
Saturdays 12p-3p & 4p-7p
Sundays 12p-3p

*There is a 30 minute set up and tear down buffer on either end of the time slot.

*Feel free to rent back to back spots (your time will be continuous)

*Each guest must have farm admission to participate. 


Planning a Party?

1. Reserve your tent or campfire site through this website.

2. You may purchase your group discount tickets in advance by adding 15 or more tickets to the cart. You may also pay when you arrive at the farm for the number of tickets you need. The group discount will apply either way as long as it is paid in one transaction at the farm.

3. When you arrive at the farm, go to the groups window and check in. You will show them your prepaid tickets or purchase the number you need at that time.

4. They will tell you the location of your tent or campfire. If you choose, they can check in your party guests as they arrive.


What if the parents and siblings of my child's friend wants to stay, do I have to pay for them as well?
That is entirely up to you. Some hosts pay for everyone no matter who shows up, and some hosts just pay for the invited child and tells the parents and siblings they are welcome to stay and play at the discounted party rate! When your guests arrive at the groups/parties window, we will check them in based on your instructions. If you want to only pay for certain guests, please provide us with a list of names so we can be sure to only charge those who are not on that list.

What if I don't know how many people are coming?
You can do one of two things:
1. You can reserve the tent or campfire now and as it gets closer to your party and you have a better idea of how many passes you need, you can purchase them online prior to your event. You need at least 15 passes in the cart to get the groups discount of $3 off each pass.

2. You can reserve the tent or campfire now and the day of your party you can pay for the number of guests you are expecting at the groups window. 

What if I purchased too many tickets and all my guests don't show up?
Talk to the groups coordinator at the farm after your party, we can help you.

What if I didn't purchase enough tickets?
You may choose to leave a credit card with the groups coordinator to cover additional guests that were unsure if they were coming. We will not charge your card until you come back to close our your party at the end of your event.