There’s so much to do …

Besides a heap of pumpkins to pick from and 10 aMAZEing acres of cornfield to get lost in, Irons Mill Farmstead offers fields of farm-fresh fun for the whole family!  Start with a Hayride around the farm.  Save some energy for Pumpkin Slingshots and our new ring game!

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Jumpin’ Jackdaws!
Kids’ eyes will light up with excitement at the first look at this enormous pillow made for jumping on!  Kids and adults will never forget this jumping experience — it will become a new fall tradition!

Irons Mill Hill!
A sliding experience like no other!  You will never forget the fun you have racing down this slide!

Rubber Duck Races!
Children and adults alike will have a ball at the Duck Races!  They are one of the most popular attractions at Irons Mill Farmstead!  Happy [water] pumping!

Hillbilly Pig Races!
Yee-haw!  Get excited for our NEW Pig Races at the Farmstead this season!  You can be apart of our interactive show and cheer for your favorite piglet to win!

Farm Hayrides!
Take a relaxing hayride around the farm, just good ole’ fashioned fun.

Corncob Beach!
What could be more fun than a giant box of corn to play in!  Kids of all ages will have a blast rolling and playing in this corny box of fun!  It is sure to be one of the main attractions at Irons Mill Farmstead.  Benches are handy for parents to watch the kids laugh with delight.

Cackleberry Bounce!
Simply fun!  Children of all ages can hop and bounce on giant balls of different sizes.  You will hear them giggle and laugh as they hop-hop-hop around the corral!

Farmstead Express!
All aboard our brand NEW attraction!  Children will love riding around in these artfully, hand-painted animal barrels!

Apple Slingshots!
Test your skills at the apple slingshots!  Targets of all sorts will be waiting for you to fling apples at them!  Listen carefully…..the targets may say something if you hit them!

Climb Mount Arthur!
What kid doesn’t love to climb?  Climbing Mt. Arthur isn’t just climbing any old mountain, it’s a mountain of none other than tractor tires!!! Now, that’s good old-fashioned farm fun!  And now, spend even more time here with our sand pit area stocked with toys, buckets, and shovels!

Buckaroo Ball Town!
Sports-fans will love this NEW attraction!  Dribble, pass, and shoot the Irons Mill way!

Pony Express!
Ponies!  Saddle up and enjoy an unforgettable, fall pony ride!
*Limited hours

Pumpkin Arts!
Let your inner artist shine with Pumpkin Painting!  We have a pumpkin painting tent stocked up with all the supplies you need to create a pumpkin masterpiece!  We even have smocks for the little guys, so no worries, moms, we’ve thought of it all!  Purchase the pumpkin first and then away you go!

Farm Animals!
Meet fluffy sheep, cantankerous pigs, designer chickens, Highlander calves and barnyard babies galore.


Good things to eat…


Irons Mill Grill

Step right up and try our new Fresh-Cut Fries, and juicy Burgers fresh off the grill!  Our homemade mac-n-cheese is the best around, and of course, count on us for all hot and cold drinks and staple snacks you have come to love!

Sweet Shoppe

Caramel Apples, Cotton Candy, and if you’re lucky, maybe even a fresh, Amish donut!  You never know what we’ll be cooking up, so stop over for a peek and a sniff!


Pappy’s Kettle Corn

It’s the home of our famous sweet, salty, crunchy Kettle Corn made right here on the farm daily … a perfect fall treat!

Macho Nacho

Hungry for a heaping cheesy nacho supreme?  You’ll find some comfort food that will satisfy even the biggest cravings!
*Closed on Fridays, Open 11am-7pm on Saturdays & Sundays